Friday, May 8, 2020

Essay Topics in the West - Where Do You Find Topics That Matter?

Essay Topics in the West - Where Do You Find Topics That Matter?Students often struggle with essay topics as they work through a traditional college writing program. Some students even require special tutoring to help them come up with a topic that will be meaningful enough to present them as their best and brightest in a public writing forum. This is not the end of the world, however. The West has also left its mark on our society and the best essay topics on this continent can still be found in the Western Civilization essay topics.In fact, students' issues regarding essay topics are not limited to public forums. It is not uncommon for students to put down essays that are unfocused and lacking in genuine content. Some students miss the point or see only what they want to see. Students' struggle when dealing with essay topics in the West has to do with how we approach and understand the written word.Think about your time spent studying history in school and how you understood the le ssons of that time period. Students see and study historical objects, their histories, events, leaders, and significant people. However, they do not hear people from the era speak about their experience.Audiences were rarely there to hear what they had to say. How much did you learn in class about the environment you lived in? What was the climate like? How were your food sources?Speeches were few and far between in public forums of the era and people only spoke as they needed to speak. Why?Simply because their speech, posture, and mindset dictated a certain way of thinking and speech. Speech allowed them to reach a goal or to influence the flow of events. Writing and speaking allowed them to prove that they are important. People were more likely to respond to the spoken word than the written word.The voice and mannerisms of public performance have been highly regulated since the dawn of the media. This is why we never get to hear what people say, but only hear what they are capable of saying. Thus, for those in positions of power, they are more likely to say the things they want to say instead of using their position to tell the truth. Publicizing the speaker's goals, desires, and goals to achieve a certain goal are things they will not do for themselves.One must then ask, 'Why is public speech not encouraged as much as it should be?' Because of the context in which people operate, in a community and a society, they take on the perspective of others and use that to achieve what they want to achieve.

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